Kseniya Yarosh (left) and Eleanor Kagan

Bonnie & Maude is a monthly Brooklyn-based podcast in which hosts Eleanor Kagan and Kseniya Yarosh take on movies and TV shows from a femme-centric perspective. Topics range from classics (Rosemary’s Baby, Alien, When Harry Met Sally) to obscurities (The Woman Chaser, Don’t Bother To Knock) to surprisingly entertaining B-movies (Hard Ticket To Hawaii). The key: keeping a sense of humor and an open mind while delving into memorable cinema both old & new.

Eleanor Kagan is the co-host and producer of Bonnie & Maude, and co-host of live variety shows about music, and women in film. She produces NPR’s Ask Me Another in New York, and encourages people to read from their teenage journals in her living room.

Kseniya Yarosh is the co-host and visual director of Bonnie & Maude. She is the creator and editor of I Love Bad Movies, a collaborative zine about great bad films. She hosts numerous film screenings in New York City and is a co-organizer of the Brooklyn Zine Fest.

Contact us at bonnieandmaude [at] gmail [dot] com

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